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  • 11.3 Ton Lift Capacity - 4m
  • 1.2 Ton Lift Capacity - 24m
  • 26m Horizontal Reach
  • 29m Vertical Reach
  • Volvo 850 twin steer truck
  • 638 Hiab x Hipro crane
  • We have experienced operators in crane operation under a C6 slew crane license, Dogging licence and advanced rigging licence

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Our 638 Hiab x Hipro crane is compact with a big reach and is available for hire across the whole of Australia.

Built for all conditions, this crane can handle rough terrain and make light work of even the most restricted setup areas.

The truck footprint once set up is 8.1m long and 7m wide and can be shortened for tight access.

Crane max height with manual extension 29m.

Crane horizontal reach 26m with manual extension and will be able to lift a ton at that distance.

Crane Accessories

  • 3 Ton winch
  • Multiple chains straps either from winch or dedicated hook
  • Spreader bar
  • 10 Ton crane scales
  • Mecanil SG220 Remote Rotating Grapple saw
  • 450L Rotating Clam shell bucket

All rigging gear inspected and tagged by IWR Rigging on 3 monthly basis.

grapple saw kboom crane

Why Choose Us

At Canopy Lift, we offer more than just tree work crane hire. Our Hiab X-Hipro 638 crane is available around the clock to handle emergency tree removal and storm damage tree removal, ensuring quick and efficient solutions when you need them most. We are a fully insured, licenced and professional business who adhere to all current codes of practice at competitive prices for this verstile unique crane.

Providing this versatile unique crane at competitive prices, we are a fully insured, licensed and professional company that adheres to all current industry codes of practice.


Based in New South Wales, our crane rental service extends far beyond state borders. At Canopy Lift, we proudly offer our Hiab X-Hipro 638 crane for hire throughout Australia, ensuring that you have access to our top-tier lifting solutions, no matter where your tree-related needs arise.


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    When it comes to tree work, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Among the various types of cranes available for this purpose, the knuckle boom crane stands out as a versatile and efficient choice. Let’s explore the numerous benefits of using a knuckle boom crane for tree work, emergency tree removal, storm damage tree removal, general tree removal, and other related tasks. Our Hiab X-Hipro 638 crane, is a reliable option available for hire across New South Wales and interstate.

    Knuckle boom cranes have revolutionized loading and unloading across a wide range of industries. Also known as a loader crane, an articulating crane, or a picker crane, the knuckle boom crane has revolutionized engineering. Unlike a straight boom crane, a knuckleboom crane has 1 knuckle above pivot point, 1 main boom and a Jib on the end of the main boom. This gives the operator more flexibility and the ability to reach down and under, whilst also having the ability to have attachments, such as grapples, clam shell buckets etc which operate through the cranes hydraulic system

    If you look at your index finger, bend it at the knuckles. A knuckle boom crane works similarly. Because it has these two knuckles, the crane can be used in many different ways as opposed to a straight boom crane. With these knuckles, the crane can be folded into a smaller size, but can also extend to reach loads at a distance. The straight/stick boom cranes are unable to fold and extend like this.

    Hiab Hire Sydney

    Hiab hire has revolutionized the lifting and transportation industry, providing businesses in Sydney with a versatile and efficient solution. Explore the concept of Hiab hire, its benefits, applications in Sydney, factors to consider when hiring, top Hiab crane models, recommended accessories, and tips for choosing the right Hiab hire company.


    Hiab hire refers to the practice of renting Hiab cranes for lifting and transportation purposes. Hiab cranes, known for their quality and reliability, are hydraulic loader cranes mounted on trucks or trailers. They are designed to handle a wide range of loads, making them suitable for various industries and applications.