Emergency Tree Removal, Storm Damage Tree Removal & Arboriculture Contracting Services in Southern Highlands, Sydney, NSW & Interstate

Canopy Lift emerges as a pioneering force in the arboriculture industry, offering specialized knuckle boom crane with grapple saw hire and contracting services. Founded by Nicholas Ford whose 25+ years of arboriculture expertise is complemented by an AQF Level 5 certification, Canopy Lift is dedicated to enhancing operational safety and efficiency in tree removal services across NSW and beyond.


Emergency Response Tree Services – Southern Highlands, Sydney, NSW & Interstate

Unmatched Response to Emergency Situations

Our emergency tree removal services are tailored for arboriculture companies and local authorities facing urgent challenges. Canopy Lift’s 24/7 availability ensures immediate assistance with storm-damaged, hazardous, and fallen tree removal, safeguarding communities and infrastructure against potential threats.


Safety at the Forefront

Safety isn’t just a protocol; it’s our ethos. Canopy Lift upholds the highest safety standards, backed by comprehensive insurance and rigorous adherence to industry-best practices. Our team’s proficiency, supported by Nicholas Ford’s leadership, offers an unparalleled commitment to safety and professionalism in every emergency situation.


State-of-the-Art Emergency Tree Removal Knuckle Boom Crane

Innovative Contracting Solutions

At the heart of our services lies our advanced Knuckle Boom Crane, equipped with a grapple saw, offering unmatched precision and accessibility in tree removal. Specifications such as an 11.3 Ton Lift Capacity at 4m and a 29m vertical reach ensure we can tackle any project, regardless of complexity or location. Our equipment, regularly inspected for optimum performance, is designed for the arduous demands of the arboriculture industry.


A Team of Certified Emergency Tree Removal Professionals

Canopy Lift’s success is driven by our team of skilled operators and arborists, each bringing a wealth of experience and certified expertise to our operations. With qualifications ranging from AQF Certifications to advanced rigging licenses, our team is equipped to deliver superior service, emphasizing efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Partnering Beyond NSW: Nationwide Emergency Tree Removal Service Coverage

Expanding Our Reach for Greater Impact

While headquartered in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Canopy Lift’s vision extends across Australian borders, offering services interstate, including Brisbane and Queensland. Our mission is to support the arboriculture community nationwide, providing reliable, safe, and efficient tree removal solutions wherever needed.


Why Choose Canopy Lift for Emergency Tree Removal & Strom Damage Tree Removal?

Choosing Canopy Lift means partnering with a leader in arboriculture contracting services. Our commitment to safety, coupled with Nicholas Ford’s extensive industry experience and our cutting-edge equipment, ensures that your projects are executed flawlessly. We pride ourselves on being a responsive, reliable partner to arboriculture companies, local councils, and developers, offering bespoke solutions tailored to your unique challenges.


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